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Fashion through creative eyes


This week I got the chance to attend the “Gala Moda UVT” which is a gala for the fashion college and master graduates collections 2017. Sixteen students had the opportunity to present their vision and style through their collections at this event.

From clean-cut lines, urban buildings and nature inspiration, vibrant colors or toned down pastels and grays, we could see it all.

A draw-back from my perspective was the 45 minutes delayed starter of the show. For the future, let’s keep it at the standard “fashionably late” of 15 minutes. 😉

Other than that, it was quite a show, with carefully chosen music, a fun and bubbly host and interesting pieces.

Although some of the items you could tone down and make them work in your day to day life, I would say that all of them were far from ordinary.

I felt like some of the collections combined chaotic cuts and geometric footwear, modern recycled materials with more straight lines and suggestive accessories, while others inspired contemporary couture combined with flowy materials or vibrant colors influenced by Asian culture.

It is very refreshing and interesting to see the vision that these up and coming designers have and the ways you can inspire and create art even with your clothes. As we often communicate and convey messages with our outfits and fashion choices, I would say that seeing a glimpse of the imagination, structure and material selection presented was a delight.

I am leaving below all the talented artists and their collection names in no particular order and wishing them lots of success as I am sure that they will bring a personal touch and creative nuance in the fashion landscape.

– Ariana Adam: Crossroad

– Mirela Cioară: Pills and Suits

– Cristina Climovici: Tokyo Connect

– Larisa Csatai: Child-Wish

– Oana Cocîr Damian: Mudejar

– Roxana Florian: Outer me inner me

– Adrian Ioan Mic: (Eu) nu știu cum sămănumesc

– Adina Orboi: Let men expire femininity

– Diana Giulia Păunescu: Deeply

– Andreea Pleșa: Incomplet

– Gabriela Rada: Exposed dreamers

– Hanelore Schadt: Marionette

– Antonela Voitco: Reborn

– Dorina Cazac: Voice of the fog

– Evelyn Merkli: Memories of China

– Rahela Ungureanu: Conexiuni

Special thanks for the beautiful pictures to Rox a.k.a and be sure to check her blog out for more details and in depth pictures of the collections.

Happy styling!

“Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway.”


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