Alte gânduri


Unplug from the reality. Sometimes you need a time out. tumblr_obcj4dr6rd1rivnsyo1_500

Get lost in this weird Autumn, where it rains but remains fascinating somehow;

If you want to grow, you have to do something that scares you;

Even if it is small or big, a step in the right direction counts.

If it doesn’t open, it is not your door.

Keep the stars at your fingertips and don’t tell anyone that you are hiding leaves in your hair and sparkles in your eyes.

God will never tell you to do something and not equip you to do it.

Just laugh, don’t fear.

No rain, no flower.

Everything is upside down, but God is immovably compassionate.

Be still, no one has it all figured out;tumblr_obykshcstf1u8qryro1_500

Be kind and cling to what is good;

Chase adventure, seek.

Though the mountain may crumble, you will not!

I visit my thoughts and see that You are the God who works wonders.

Stay for some tea and have a little hope.

It’s not the end if it’s not ok.

Keep my mind fascinated when I run out of ideas.

Words that keep you guessing and thoughts that make you curious.

Let’s enjoy this Fall weather a bit longer.



Photo credit: Tumblr


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