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Le petit français

Oh, the colors that are splashing from your soul


The dance steps you make when you decide to lift on your toes

1 to the right and 3 in the front

roxi6Among the flowers from your garden

28 tulips and a thought of freedom

One trip away

And a smile underneath the Eiffel tower

The city of your heart

The streets from your dreams

The smell from your mind

And the shoes that will take you far

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Do you remember the road that she built?



Paved, with colorful flowers

Her own reality leading to a castle

The walls were high, but it was filled with light inside

As she had the Sun on her side


Sparkles down her spine and galaxies in her hair

Chased by the moon and the starsstar rain

A heart made of glass

A paper crown

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All roads lead to Rome

The city of delicious food, stunning architecture and scooters is quite a wonderful experience. If you do decide to stop by, here are a few tips and ideas on what to visit.

As usual we used Terravision as airport shuttle. We decided to stay at Aloha Rome Bed and Breakfast which I found via Booking. As a quick tip, if you want to watch the TV and barely understand Italian, most remotes have an Audio or Subtitle button which will allow you to change the language into English. The place was nice, with friendly staff and close to the Termini train station which gave easy access to means of transportation (train, metro, buses) and also was close to the main attractions such as Colosseum, Fontana di Trevi, Pantheon and so on. Which is why for the most part we chose to walk to our objectives and it was also more convenient as wherever you turn in Rome there is a public square, or an interesting building, chapel or imposing statue.

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Dunkirk: Filmul pe care trebuie să îl vezi vara asta


Christopher Nolan – regizorul, scenaristul și producătorul de film cunoscut pentru Memento, trilogia The Dark KnightInceptionsau Interstellar – revine cu o nouă capodoperă cinematografică: DUNKIRK.

Filmul prezintă una dintre dramele din cel de-al Doilea Război Mondial. Acum 77 de ani, 400.000 de soldaţi britanici şi aliaţi au rămas blocați într-o luptă care avea să decidă soarta omenirii. Iar regizorul filmului a ales să spună această poveste grandioasă folosind cel mai mare format de cinema posibil. Cea mai recentă producţie a sa este filmată în proporţie de 70% cu camerele IMAX şi trebuie să fie vizionată în acest format, pe cele mai mari ecrane din ţară, disponibile doar la Cinema City. În sala T IMAX ai parte de 26% mai multă imagine decat într-o sală standard, simţindu-te ca şi cum ai fi în mijlocul celor 400.000 de oameni care luptă pentru supraviețuire.

Povestea filmului urmărește trei fire importante care acoperă perioade diferite de timp: unul care începe pe uscat și acoperă o săptămână, unul pe mare, acoperind o zi și unul în aer acoperind o oră. Acestea sunt interconectate într-o narațiune neliniară. Ideea acestui film împreună cu cele trei perspective i-au venit regizorului acum 25 de ani, când naviga împreună cu soţia sa, Emma către Dunkirk.

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Fashion through creative eyes


This week I got the chance to attend the “Gala Moda UVT” which is a gala for the fashion college and master graduates collections 2017. Sixteen students had the opportunity to present their vision and style through their collections at this event.

From clean-cut lines, urban buildings and nature inspiration, vibrant colors or toned down pastels and grays, we could see it all.

A draw-back from my perspective was the 45 minutes delayed starter of the show. For the future, let’s keep it at the standard “fashionably late” of 15 minutes. 😉

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One stop to Milan


Since we are talking here about thoughts and opinions I figured why not tackle one of my favorite hobbies, travel…trips and tips 🙂

No, I won’t get into too much details because I just want to give you a taste, enough to make you want to go there.

So, follow me around Milan, the city of fashion, art and good food (among others). Even before we landed to Bergamo we got ourselves the bus tickets online (try Terravision as they have pretty good prices – 9€ two way trip), which drove us around 1h (depends on the traffic) to the Milano Centrale.

Even the Central Railway Station, Milano Centrale, is more than a Station. With shops, restaurants, access to metro and beautiful glass arched roof, this Station is a work of art in which we got a chance to take a sprint through in order not to lose our bus on our way back. No worries, we made it 🙂

We also hit the Piazza del Duomo to be amazed by the mind-blowing architecture of the third largest church in Christendom (outdone only by St Peter’s in Rome and Seville’s cathedral), Duomo Cathedral.

Standing proudly, the over 600 years old cathedral is indeed quite a sight to see.

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