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April in Bookland

Get lost in the words of a book and enjoy a new adventure with every chapter.

Can you see the new dream that unfolds behind your eyes?

Capture moments and create art, bring your vision to life.

Live in the magical land of books, learning, growing, making new friends or losing some of them.

Her superpower is disappearing into books and her complex mind is often hard to understand.

She is dreaming with her eyes open, wishes to travel the world and has sparkles in her eyes when she talks about the things that inspires her. Continue reading “April in Bookland”

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March Celebration

For a minute there I thought Spring was going to come.

Sunny days, warm weather, a few flowers.

Now we are back to rainy days and muddy shoes.

But I don’t mind. I think it’s raining because March knows you love rain and this is her present for you.


You are using the seasons as inspiration and words are like a rug for your feet.

You write poems in your head at a stop light and your head is filled with noises as you create art with your life.

Stars at your fingertips and constellations in your hair.

Music notes down your spine and glitter in your shoes.

The Universe is expanding through the books as you get lost in each word you read. Continue reading “March Celebration”

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Unplug from the reality. Sometimes you need a time out. tumblr_obcj4dr6rd1rivnsyo1_500

Get lost in this weird Autumn, where it rains but remains fascinating somehow;

If you want to grow, you have to do something that scares you;

Even if it is small or big, a step in the right direction counts.

If it doesn’t open, it is not your door.

Keep the stars at your fingertips and don’t tell anyone that you are hiding leaves in your hair and sparkles in your eyes.

God will never tell you to do something and not equip you to do it. Continue reading “Random.”



351d85901c78ce35f6554d8659c5da62I am happy that I live in a world where there are books. And that I have friends that are book lovers and like to share snippets from the pages they are reading.

A good friend of mine decided to share with me a picture with a fragment from a book which went something like this: “Your problem is that you keep expecting people not to be themselves. I mean, I could hate you for being massively unpunctual – but I don’t, because you’re you.”

When approaching the subject of one’s personality there are many things to keep in mind, because we are usually formed and influenced by the context in which we live in or we grew up in.

And yes, there are values and virtues that we develop. Habits that we can break and replace with better ones that lead to our growth, there are also some specific traits that makes us…well, us. Continue reading “Overthinking.”

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Sometimes it rains in the middle of the Summer,
makes you think like Autumn is coming…
so quick to jump to conclusions.97e3d8db2d46776f97c49ea5724b60a5
Stop saying you will be happy when the Autumn comes!

If you are not happy where you are at the moment then you won’t be along the road.
Practice contempt during the Summer and you will be happy when Autumn comes.
We always think that we will be happy when this and that happens. But that is a lie, happiness graved in fleeting things will fade quickly.
Know your worth and anchor it in a solid foundation, that won’t wash once the first drops fall.

Be patient, He who began a good work in you will carry it to completion!
Don’t be happy when, be happy because…
fill the paper of your heart with sounds! Continue reading “Happiness.”


How do you handle disagreements?

inspire“Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are incapable of forming such opinions.” – Albert Einstein

Nowadays seems like everyone feels offended by something. We always feel the need to have   strong, hurtful comebacks to prove a point if we are not agreeing on a topic.

And it is always wrong to attack someone on a personal level just because you don’t have valid  arguments or even because you are not able to articulate them.

As Socrates said: “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” Continue reading “How do you handle disagreements?”

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Martie, 13

Ţi-am luat o cutie de bujoriFB_20160301_10_30_05_Saved_Picture

dar ţie îţi plac alte flori…

poate o să citeşti un ziar de dimineaţă,

să te anunţe de ziua asta măreaţă!


13 într-o primăvară, cu copaci înfloriţi pe afară,

vor să îţi spună o poezie, ştii am adunat 26 într-o valiză.

26 de gânduri, amintiri şi o alergie,

fiindcă acum am căutat şi în numerologie. Continue reading “Martie, 13”