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White lies

Open the window and pick a lemon from that treetumblr_p75959vOfp1r96bmbo1_500

But I don’t like yellow anymore.

Sultry dawn and a lost rhythm

Silence your mind.

Do you still hang on words?

Seems like they are more compelling than before

That is not rain you hear

Just the memory of a noise astray.

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The Weak. The Strong. The Fighter.

The one that is afraid to speak and stand up for themselves, that never sticks to the plan 12262c0ab8d64f17f9f6bbdd52eedbcaand says one thing, just to do the opposite. The one that complains, blames a higher authority, quit when they’re tired, doesn’t take risks and lives in comfort, never learning new things, never pushing and showing disrespect towards themselves or those around – this is the Weak one. According to our modern day society, these are some of the characteristics you will find in what it’s considered a weak person.


The one that is motivated, reads, balances positive and negative thinking, knows how to be kind and how to own up and take responsibility, the one that keeps growing, working, hustling, that knows when to ask for help, doesn’t judge and balance emotion with logic – the Strong one. These are just some characteristics you’ll find in strong, motivated people.

Did you find yourself in any of these? Both maybe? Tell me that at least once you didn’t cancel a plan or showed kindness. Did you, now?

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Thoughts about happiness

Why do you you sometimes break your promises? Why do you have standards and break them?3e4e6d1fe05e96a67ffa14b939719be0

Why? Have you ever wondered that?

Because the normal habit of our heart is to search for happiness.

This principle of happiness trumps other in the name of a higher false illusion.

We believe in doing good, in doing this or that but we make exceptions in order to preserve our happiness. “Honesty is good but first seek happiness.”

However, the more you seek it or run after it the more you lose it and it slips through your fingers.

Because you will never find happiness that way. When happiness becomes your number 1 priority, it will always escape you. Always!

Happiness gained through selfishness doesn’t last. It’s fleeting.

Happiness will come to you, once you invest in righteousness, accept that it isn’t ultimate and make the best of every situation.

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Alte gânduri

Le petit français

Oh, the colors that are splashing from your soul


The dance steps you make when you decide to lift on your toes

1 to the right and 3 in the front

roxi6Among the flowers from your garden

28 tulips and a thought of freedom

One trip away

And a smile underneath the Eiffel tower

The city of your heart

The streets from your dreams

The smell from your mind

And the shoes that will take you far

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Reviews / Recommendations

All roads lead to Rome

The city of delicious food, stunning architecture and scooters is quite a wonderful experience. If you do decide to stop by, here are a few tips and ideas on what to visit.

As usual we used Terravision as airport shuttle. We decided to stay at Aloha Rome Bed and Breakfast which I found via Booking. As a quick tip, if you want to watch the TV and barely understand Italian, most remotes have an Audio or Subtitle button which will allow you to change the language into English. The place was nice, with friendly staff and close to the Termini train station which gave easy access to means of transportation (train, metro, buses) and also was close to the main attractions such as Colosseum, Fontana di Trevi, Pantheon and so on. Which is why for the most part we chose to walk to our objectives and it was also more convenient as wherever you turn in Rome there is a public square, or an interesting building, chapel or imposing statue.

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